Fairy Martins

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Fairy Martins

In Sydney, close to the airport at Kyeemagh, i found a group of fairy martins.  They were in some trees on the edge of the chinese market gardens which must attract a lot of insects. There is some wetland there around Muddy Creek so I have it on my list of places for a revisit.

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Hey WD great shots love the 2nd with their mouths wide open waiting for a feed it seems. Don't know anything about these Birds so got some more homework to do. The close ups are really tack sharpe showing lots of detail.

Great work.


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Dawww, lovely photos! :)

The neighbours and I still have a small flock making our houses their colony (I think the neighbours have about 20 nests in total under their eaves, I only have one). Unfortunately I haven't seen them landing anywhere. Hmm. They spend a lot of time on the wing, or in the nests.

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Great camera workyes also love no2. But the close ups are stunning.cool Best ones I have seenyes


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