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keep that in mind

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I should have mentioned where the photo originates, sorryheart One of the many organisations I' m a member ofsurprise

Australian Conservation Foundation9 hrs ·

Earth Overshoot Day last week is a wake up call. It marks the date that we have exhausted nature’s budget for the year. If we keep consuming and exploiting our resources at the current rate, by 2050 we'll need 2 planets. It's time we realise there is no planet B and lift our game.


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Araminta, it'll be interesting to see what's left after Homo sapiens has had its time.

I'm also interested to learn

  • what biological impulse, if any, Homo sapiens has that causes it to be so destructive of its habitat
  • whether there's a habitat destruction point at which the biological imperative, if there is one, to ensure the survival of the species kicks in
  • what level of habitat destruction/resource depletion results in a collapse of Homo sapiens numbers
  • if such a collapse eventually leads to extinction
  • if there's an education level at which Homo sapiens begins to live sustainably
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