11 Freckled Ducks

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11 Freckled Ducks

We went to Coolart Wetlands yesterday. My favourite Ranger Brian was on duty, he has vast knowledge of birds. Unfortunately the Pied Cormorants had fledged, so no more photos of them on the nest. But they were all hanging around the lagoon. Then Brian told us about the 11 Freckled Ducks. There is also a Boobook sitting in the stables. Although he fenced it off, he allowed us to go in and take some photos. But when we got to the stables, there was a family having a pick nick right in front of it, and we decided not to go in. No doubt all the children would have done the same later. We didn’t want anyone to disturb the bird.Off we went to find the Freckled Ducks. I went inside the Antechinus Hide. The Ducks were right there , close enough to get nice photos. Unfortunately my lovely husband decided to walk around the hide to get closer, and……all the ducks flew off. Boy was I angry.

Then the great Australian Egret landed in front of the hide, but I couldn’t get a good photo of it, the gap in the wall was too narrow for my lens to get the right angle.

Still a happy enough day out. SteveM, now I do have some (blurry) photos of Freckled Ducks.

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I'm sure some of those duck have more than 11 freckles?!?!


- soakes

Olinda, Victoria, Australia

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Great! Hubby is going to be in the bad books for a while though I fear... ;)

We've just had (and may still have, not sure) 4 Freckled Ducks on a lagoon in Hobart over the past few weeks... Exciting to see them anytime, but we don't get Fr Ducks down here! Guessing they got blown offcourse or something... but still hoping they stick around :)


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They might be refugees from the horrific slaughter of freckled ducks in Victoria.

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I just looked up about that Woko, that is indeed shocking news and also swans. they can't say they thought they were ducks. Maybe now the anti duck shooting lobby will have what they need to ban the shooting of ducks, and i hope the N.S.W. gov will recend there allowing shooters into Kosciuszco National Park.

Shorty......Canon gear



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I would love to comment on this, but in fear of some negative reactions by other members, I won't.

Just one thing, I used to be one of those people standing between the shooters and the birds, these days I'm too old to get wet feet and being abused by shooters, but I am glad other younger people are doing it for me ,and to save the birds.


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