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2nd Thread

Hi guys, since my old thread was getting a bit long I thought I'd make another :), so heres some birds I've seen today :), hope you all enjoy

1:Another common black kite/Milvus migrans

2:Emu/Dromaius novaehollandiae

3: Bush Thick knee(I'm unsure of this ID so if I'm wrong could somone please say so and what it is etc)

4:Brolgas/Grus rubicundas

5+6: Sacred Kingfisher/Todiramphus sanctus

7+8+9: Some sort of honeyeater, full ID on this would be good if anyone knows :).

10+11: I think this is a Whisting kite/Haliastur sphenurus

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What a great range of birds. Number 7 is a Striped Honeyeater while 8 & 9 are Singing Honeyeaters.

Also, I think 5 & 6 is a Red-backed Kingfisher.

10 & 11 is a Little Eagle.

Cheers, Owen.

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great range of birds for 1 afternoon birding

I believe that #3 is an Australasian Pipit - the Bush Thicknee or Bush Stone-Curlew is a much bigger bird


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Another good colection, the little eagle is a great find.

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So good to see these.  I would truly love to see an emu in the wild.  I've seen a cassowary in the wild, but no emus.

Brisbane southside.

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Thanks for the correct IDs Owen and Peter, much appreciated :).

Karan: lol, that sounds funny to me, I've never seen a wild cassowary (havn't been in their distridution much though) but see emus regularly.

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Hmmm, I seem to rememnber that emus used to be very common in the wild here in Victoria. I would see them in all sorts of areas including pine forests in the South and open plains up North.

I haven't seem one now for many years.

Where are they all?

- soakes

Olinda, Victoria, Australia

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Don't know how their population is going in Vic but there are still plenty around here, I mostly see them when there is a drought and they come into small towns/farms for water points.

Heres another I've seen recently

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@ soakes

haha,in Perth we cant drive 50 kms away without seeing an emu :p

i guess they like the warmer weather

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