ANZAC long weekend birds.

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ANZAC long weekend birds.

I did a bit of birding over the weekend. Mostly from Wynnum, and Oxley Creek Common.

I wasn't sure about the Spangled Drongo photo at first, but changed my mind after looking at it the contrast between the black bird and branches against the sky, with just the tiniest bit of colour on the insect it is eating. 

The osprey couple seem to have settled in and are doing some renovations. (from far off, I saw one flying back and forth carrying something, and thought it was a bit quick for fishing, but found it was stripping bark off a dead tree nearby)

(Sorry for the Osprey spam, I just love em)

Also spotted a newy (for me) at another nearby wynnum wetland, a small flock of Ruffs (and Reeves I suppose). 

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Lovely photos windshearsmiley How exciting! I've never seen a ruff - great shots of them. I love the last oneheart

Rick N
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Nice set of photos,great way to spend the weekend.


Enjoyed your post and photos, feel like i tagged along with you and saw what you saw. Like the wood swallows cuddling together. Glad you included the drongo ... nice silhouette. 

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Good pics Windshear

I will be in Qld this weekend, what is the street address for Wynnum Wetlands?


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