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Did some local walks today, and pretty happy with what I found. Love it when you find birds that you aren't expecting! 

At the Aspect Wetlands (Just off Cardinia Rd & Bridge Rd) saw 2 juv Australasian Darters which was neat, and a family of Black Swans.

112. Black Swan

113. Australasian Darter

and a better photo of a Purple Swamphen. (79)

Then at Edenbrook Wetlands, I saw 2 Royal Spoonbills (88) (first time I have seen them there, so was rather excited to see them, so of course some replacement photos)

114. Little Black Cormorant

Then this afternoon I went for a walk at the Beaconsfield Flora and Fauna Reserve, and there were alot of Bell Miners.

115. Bell Miner

And I have included a replacement for Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo (44), since we are lucky to get some near us at this time of the year. 

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Beautiful Swamphen catching that sunlight and the Bell Miners are great. Your walks are proving fruitful, Abby, well done.

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From this past week...

At RJ Chambers Flora and Fauna Reserve I found a

116. Fan-tailed Cuckoo

Then at Corinella Cemetery Reserve a

117. Little Wattlebird

Then went to see if the Blue-winged Parrots were at The Gurdies Nature reserve, but unfortunately not. But have got some replacement shots of the Scarlet Robin.

 Went fishing today, (out from Yaringa Harbour) only caught one fish but was happy and glad that I took my camera. Got a lifer! A young White-bellied Sea-Eagle. Have also attached a replacement Pacific Gull (85).

118. Pied Cormorant

119. White-bellied Sea-Eagle

120. Little Pied Cormorant

121. Australian Pelican

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Nice set Abby. Congrats on the lifer. Always exciting to get one.

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Well done getting a lifer, Abby. That is always a great feeling.

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At the present time we have a lot of Rainbow Lorikeets around our neighbourhood, so have posted a couple of shots, been trying to get a good inflight shot, but might need to have some more patience. 

122. Rainbow Lorikeet

Then the other morning I went for dawn walk at Deep Creek Reserve, and it was great to see two Black-Shouldered Kites, do see at least one frequently. Also saw a couple of Golden-headed Cisticola but not the best shot of that either unfortunately.

123. Black-shouldered Kite

124. Golden-headed Cisticola

Then today in Melbourne, got my pick of Feral Pigeons in there.

125. Rock Dove

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Love the Kites and the Lorikeets. Going to have to take your word about the GHC as I can't really make anything out. I think we refer to feral pigeons as Rock Doves

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Thanks Dev, fortunately I got a closer picture of the Golden-headed Cisticola (124) today, so here is a replacement shot for that.

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Oh my Goodness he is sooo cute

Alex Rogers
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Gee Abby, you are really setting the pace! Some fantastic birds, love the wedgie silhoette, but those Leaden Flycatcher shots are my favourite - brilliant :-) 


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