Another bird from the backyard

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Another bird from the backyard

I had seen this Little Shrike Thrush about for several weeks but he just wouldn't come down.  A few times he would sit on the window ledge looking at his reflection and sing but the moment I tried to take a shot he would fly off.  I finally got him today but not the sharpest image as it was very late in the afternoon and taken at 900mm and an ISO of 6200.

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Looks like your patience has paid off Sterculias. Great photos. If you keep watching and waiting, before long these will be in your dicard pile and you will have even better photos

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They are sharper images than the ones i took today!  Where are these photos taken?


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I am in the Samford Valley in the NW side of Brisbane.


You are not wrong there, just sit quietly where the birds are and study their movements and wait about 15 minutes and they usually come back and settle down.  Many of the birds get to know you and I find I can often get quite close to them providing I don't stare at them, never wave my arms about and move gently.

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