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I've seen these guys right at the top of the Bird Finder list for ages, and I finally found a little group of them today. laugh Quite noisy little birds, but they were very cute together.

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where did you find them?

Cheers Beef

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These were at Chuwar (near Ipswich) in South East Queensland.


i really like your pics ... well done. 

Annie W
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Oh my goodness windshear, you've captured the most beautifully comical expressions in these guys!  The guy in the third shot looks as though he's chanelling some Scrubwren attitude for the minute to tell someone off, and the little one to the left in the fourth shot has such a 'what the!" expression on his face.  I love these!  How big was the family group of them?

West Coast Tasmania

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There were about 5 or 6 I think. Like I said, they were very cute together. No wonder they call them happy family. :)

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Just wonderful, I love all of themheart


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