Arno Bay Sandpipers

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Rick N
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Arno Bay Sandpipers

Catching up on some editing and found these from a few weeks ago at the Arno Bay

mangrove trail.

I think Sharp-tailed and Common  Sandpipers plus a Red-capped Plover and Pied Cormorant,though these shorebirds are doing my head in lately so not that confident smiley


Lovely collection of photos Rick - you get around to a lot of interesting spots there in SA. 

Great one of the red capped plover. Also really like your little pied cormorant portrait  - one of my favourite birds. I find the LPC will tolerate me getting quite close if i take it slow and give them time to get used to me. 

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Some great shots there. The good thing about photographing shorebirds is that there is usually plenty of light.

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