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Around Kununurra

Hey guys and gals.

Just a couple of photos from my bike riding adventures around Kununurra last weekend. The Red-backed Fairy-wren had a female with him and they were preening each other but I just couldn't get a decent shot of it, guess i'll just have to try again this weekend.


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That's interesting, KingBrown, the red-backed fairy wren is a very different red to our local ones - they are almost a deep orange rather than the scarlet yours shows.

Are the others an Olive-backed Oriole and Plumed Whistling Ducks?


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G'day Timmo.

Yeah they are Plumed Whistling Ducks which are less common in Kununurra than their Wandering brethren (at least from my observations). The other one is actually a Yellow Oriole. I hear their call around town all the time but they're always hard to find. Apparently we do get Olive-backs here too but I haven't seen one yet.


you found some beautiful birds on your bike ride ... thanks for posting. The plumed ducks are very striking birds.

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the BARC (Birds Australia Rarieties Committee) checklist that follows the IOC checklist uses the name Green Oriole - seems more logical to me as I can't see any yellow on that bird and I have sighted them in Darwin myself and again no yellow. I wonder if the first namers were confused with the A'asian Figbird up there that is yellow?


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