Australasian Gannet

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Australasian Gannet

I had a birding day yesterday in the Port Macquarie area.

I started around Lake Cathie (silent h), then Dunbogan, Katang Nature reserve and then Pilot Beach.

At Pilot Beach I got a number of pics of a juvenile A Gannet.

It was a very overcast day and although I am a raw beginner with Photoshop I have changed the levels.

the last pic shows that the bird thought that he was a surfer

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Nice!  I would love to be able to take pics like these, but meanwhile, I can admire ones like these taken by others like yourself.

Brisbane southside.


Awesome shots Peter, i could watch these birds for hours. Just love the last shot it fabulous.

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I will go back to Pilot Beach again


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Good stuff Peter, and I can share your excitement . watching the juveniles is great and it gives you a good opportunity as while they are busy fishing they repeat a lot of the behaviour giving you a few chances at the capture. The adults are stunning too , I find it incredible to think how much they change from this stage to their mature colouring. They have just started up around here so I will be on the look out for them too.

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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I've yet to shoot many water birds Peter and seeing such good shots as these makes me want to head for the ocean.

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Great shots Peter, I just can't seem to get birds in flight photos, I especially like the last one with the wave.



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