Australian Pipit

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Australian Pipit

Had a lot of trouble getting an ID on this little fellow, but believe it is an Australian Pipit, formerly known as Richard's Pipet. I think the ID clincher was various comments that snappers had trouble keeping up with the Pipit walking away at speed as they tried to get a shot. Took these at Jacob's Well at the northern end of the Gold Coast ... mostly on the run.  

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Pretty sure that is what they are Murray, got some shots of the same a few weeks ago in Lennox Head. You certainly have to be quick as they don't stay still for long.



You are right with the Australian Pipit id - nice find. 

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Thanks Brian and WD. 

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I concur,

I cant really remember seeing this bird until about 6 months ago and now I always running into them. Though as Brian says not for too long

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