Baby Pacific Baza

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Baby Pacific Baza

We found a baby Pacific Baza which has come out of the nest and was on some sticks near the ground. We went out this morning and it was still there with its head tucked in it would have been a cold night for it. We have put it in an open box with leaves and a stick for it to grab on to and it's in the fork of a tree but I'm not sure if we should leave it and if the parents will feed it or if we should look after it and feed it and if so how? It still has down feathers and it's not moving around at all. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Try ringing one of the wildlife rescue organisations in your area number in the link below for advice. Not sure wher you are, otherwise may have been able to give you a phone number. Thanks for caring.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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I think what you've done is best- here we always advise people to do that (put the bird up in a fake nest) if parents are still around, as it is always best for a bird to be brought up by their parents

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