Bar-tailed or Black-tailed Godwit?

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Bar-tailed or Black-tailed Godwit?

Any easy way to determine if this is a Bar-tailed Godwit or Black-tailed Godwit?

It was the only Godwit, hanging out with a bunch of Silver gulls and a lone Black Swan in Lakes Entrance, VIC.

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I believe it is a Black-tailed. The dark tail feathers appear to be indicative, but I am not a shorebird person. I am confident the Bar-tailed has barred tail feathers instead. I have photos of that, but not handy.

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Tough call. I'm not going to make it! Lorne

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IMO, It's a Bar-tailed Godwit. 

On Black-tailed, the red breeding plumage is only on the neck & breast, the red doesn't go all the way back to the rear, as on this bird.

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