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Rick N
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At the Beach

Went down to the beach for a fish last week (first time fishing for a lot of years,been diving) and of course could not leave the camera behind :-)

At the Coorong, so fishing involves a kayak over the Coorong and then about a fifteen minute walk across the dunes to the beach.

Spied a lovely Hobby on the drive in then just a nice amount of birdlife on the beach to keep it interesting, but not too hectic.

Weather was great so all in all a lovely, relaxing few hours.

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Wow great shots!! Is the last one a young Kelp Gull?

Tegan - Melbourne Vic.

Rick N
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Thanks Tegan, Pacific Gull .

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Great shots Rick - the Coorong's an amazing place.

Concur it's a Pacific Gull, I saw lottas them when I was in the Navy.

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Wonderful photos. Sounds a great day.

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Crackers as always Nick. Love the Hobby. Still haven't had the pleasure of seeing one of these.

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Great shots Rick, fishing and birding, life is good :)

Shorty......Canon gear



Great photos .... I like the scene in the first with the small cluster of terns on that large expanse of beach and the surf in background

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Would love to see a Hobby. I read the other day that Pied Butcherbirds have been seen co-operating with the Australian Hobby pursuing small birds. I can only imagine the Butcherbirds would take the kill once the Hobby has caught the prey. 

Ditto Shorty, "fishing and birding, life is good", just need a few cold beers and you have it made.

Samford Valley Qld.

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Great set, Rick!

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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