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Beautiful call

I'm desperately in need of some help in identifying a bird in our suburb! I live in inner Melbourne in the suburb of Albert Park and most evenings I can hear a very distinct bird call. It is quite loud with three notes that are equally timed apart, both the first two notes are the same tone whilst on the last note it rises. I thought it might be a pied currawong, but whilst the tone sounds similar, it isn't the same three noted call. Any help would be gratefully recieved!  

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sounds like a pied currawong.

the calls of the melbourne birds sound better (imho) than the northern subspecies (which you may be hearing in online recordings). 

including an excellent 'cudow cudow cudowawee' 

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Probably barking up the wrong tree, but is it like this?


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Thankyou both for your help. I've looked up the subspecies and found the call of the nebulosa - success! 

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