Beginner from Redcliffe in Queensland.

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Beginner from Redcliffe in Queensland.

Hello from Redcliffe, Queensland! I'm a lover of birds, nature and all animals. I guess my knowledge is in the beginner level, but I'm hoping to improve it with advice and help from others. 

I frequent bushland areas, Botanical Gardens in my local area and enjoy spotting birds in urban areas. 

Thanks for having me, I'm looking forward to participating in surveys and forums. 

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Hello Susan & welcome.

As well as a lover of birds, nature & all animals I do hope you'll become a lover of their habitats & the ecologies of which they're part. That's if you're not already! Lots of people say they're animal/bird lovers but do zip about the habitats on which they depend.

I look forward to reading about your adventures in the bird world.

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Thanks Woko! Yes, I am passionate about the environment and conservation. Thanks for your welcome. 

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Welcome to the site Susan!


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Thanks timmo!

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