“Ain’t Love Wunnerful!”

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“Ain’t Love Wunnerful!”

My friend who lives in the pine tree across the road now has met his match. This male Little Wattlebird is the same fellow that I posted on 11/6/09. We seem to have established quite a rapport. When he sees me go to my car he squawks in his own inimitable way, “Hiya Tark!” So it came as no surprise that when I got home late yesterday he wanted to introduce me to his girl – She's just so cute and completely besotted by him!

I’ve forgotten how long it is since Sandra looked at me with such adoration.

“Wattie” hits his high note and she looks slightly
overwhelmed by his passionate performance!
I’m looking forward to shooting their family in a month or two!

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I heard it calling from the big pine tree across the road from my place, so grabbed my camera and went to take a look. I think this may be the female - there was no sign of "Mr Wonderful".

Regards, "Tark" - Olympus 4/3rds colour

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Yes there does seem to be a bit of love in the air at the moment

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Like all "Mr Wonderfuls" he is probably out seeking more admiration somewhere! We had a pair nest in a rose arch last year - they raised two chicks and she sat on the eggs for 2 weeks and then fed them for another 2 weeks and then they were off and running!

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Thanks dag.
Now Lyn, not all of us "Mr Wonderfuls" are like you say ... only a roving minority! ;-) I can't say whether Wattlebirds partner for life or not - I know that some species like the Wandering (erm!) Albatross do.
As with the rest of us, watching how birds behave has become a rather consuming interest for me. I'm still very much a newbie to birding and through photography I am slowly learning to "read" them, like Denis said one has to do.

Regards, "Tark" - Olympus 4/3rds colour

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HI Tark
Excellent shots mate and some more of that Tassie sky.

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They are really lovely shots - I love the way he is throwing his head back to sing. Looks like you have the sun now too - we got 23oC here today!

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