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Today i decided to go through all my CD'S and pick out all the bird photo's find their proper name(thanks to the forums birdfinder) and make one disk of birds only,took me about 5 hrs, i have almost named all the birds apart from a few.
This hawk is one of them,taken 4 years ago with my first digital camera a Sony DSC_P8 Cybershot

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nice capture mate! nice stands :)

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Hi Raoul
Looks to me like an immature female Collared Sparrow-hawk. These are always very hard to tell from static images, without size reference points, etc. from the very similar Australian Goshawk. The image shows one foot, with a fairly long middle toe. But even that is not as clear as one might wish.
Sometimes one sees the foot, and it has an extremely long middle toe - nearly 50% longer than the others.
That's my suggestion, but it is only that - a suggestion.

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Hi Raoul, coincidence has it that in a talk, wife and I attended yesterday, by a BrisBOCA guy (Rod Bloss), he had a picture in his presentation material of a Collared Sparrow-Hawk.
Perhaps by way of an example of the difficulty in getting a positive ID, he mentions,as Denis did above, the similarity with the Goshawk. Rod mentioned the Sparrow-hawk having a Squarer Tail. My Simpson and Day field guide mentions both square tail feathers and longer middle toe...and I guess that might be as definitive as it gets.

My bid is for the Collared Sparrow-hawk


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Thanks for sharing - it has beautiful markings.

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Denis & Vern i think you guys are right, typed in Collared Sparrow-hawk in google images and i would say its a perfect match.
Thanks Raoul

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