*** SPOT photos - need your help ***

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*** SPOT photos - need your help ***

Hi I'm building a Proof of concept called SPOT for a NSW Govt data display competition with help from Birds Australia.

It is using a technology called Pivot by Microsoft Research

The Photographer (you) will be one of the search criteria :)

I need your help!

To submit a photo please:

1. Open spreadsheet
2. Add your name as the photographer (generates image name)
for a species without a photograph
first in first served

3. Upload your 1600x1200 image with name as indicated in Image Filename column in spreadsheet to my skydrive

and a couple more favours

4. Add colors of bird (separated with "||")

5. Go to Birds in Backyards page for the species and copy and paste in the species description

6. Post here to say what you added

Note: Photographs should be cropped to show just the bird as before zooming, images are quite small.

You will notice I have put in two images already...

Really appreciate you help.


BTW: I have to submit this this Friday 5th Feb 2010.

As a seperate excercise later, I will look at doing one base on bird sighting photographs. We can discuss this later...

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Hi all,
Just letting you know that Grant has talked about this with BIBY before posting here.


Sorry, but this is a bit confsusing to me in all. Could someone please explain it in simpler terms?

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In essence I need a photograph for each species on the Birds in Backyard sight (roughly 300 images).

The spreadsheet is so I can capture your name as the photographer. When you add your name it generates an image file name.

I had a photo for the "Australian Pelican", so I added my name "Grant Paisley" as the photographer, on that row in the spreadsheet.

This generated an Image Filename of image0106GrantPaisley.JPG

So I renamed my photo to this nameimage0106GrantPaisley.JPG then dragged it on to the skydrive...

Or was it more of a question on why?


Nos sorry, i missed the extra sheets at the bottom. I've typed in my anme for all of the ones I have, where do I put the photo's? I already have them up on my SkyDrive account.


Also, I don't think other people can add photos to your skydrive. Lol, I am a little confused here so if what I'm saying doesn't make sense just ignore it.


Ahhy yes, sorry to bother you again but you left out Common Koel :(


Nad the Turtle Spotted Dove isn't there either...

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Sorry , I tried to do this but couldn't upload the photos. Too late to concentrate will try tomorrow


Sunshine Coast Queensland


Okay, hopefully this is my final post. a) I do not believe that others can add to your SkyDrive, and if you know they can, then can you please explain the concept to me Koala. and b) I have added: Australian Mapgie, Australian Raven, Australian White Ibis, Australian Wood Duck, Black Swan, Black Faced Cormorant, Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike, Cattle Egret, Channel-Billed Cuckoo, Chestnut Teal, Common Starling, Crested Pigeon, Crested Tern, Dusky Moorhen, Eastern Rosella, Eurasian Coot, Galah, Grey Butcherbird, Hardhead, House Sparrow, Laughing Kookaburra, Little Black Cormorant, Little Penguin, Little Wattlebird, Long-Billed Corella, Magpie Lark, Mallard, Masked Lapwing, Nankeen Night Heron, Noisy Miner, Pacific Black Duck, Pacific Gull, Pied Butcherbird, Pied Currawong, Purple Swamphen, Rainbow Bee-Eater, Rainbow Lorikeet, Red Wattlebird, Red Kneed Dotterel, Red Rumped Parrot, Rock Dove, Silver Gull, Singing Honeyeater, Sooty Oystercatcher, Superb Fairy Wren, Welcome Swallow, White Cheeked Honeyeater, White Faced Heron, Willie Wagtail, Yellow Thornbill, Yellow-Rumped Thornbill. Since I do not know how to add photos to another's SkyDrive, I have simply created my own album called AK Photos (Angry Koala). Feel free to delete some of my poorer photos Angry if you wish, some aren't the greatest and I know someone else will have a much better photo. Cheers.


I knew it wouldn't be my last post :( Here's the photo's I have for you Angry http://cid-245be37b4ed08d65.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/AK%20Photos?uc=52&isFromRichUpload=1 If some aren't up to quality, like I said, feel free to take them off the list on the excel sheet.

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Sorry guys,

Lets try technology II

I have created a [bb]Live Mesh folder[/b].

If you email me

I'll send you an invite. The neat thing is that you get a folder on your own PC/Laptop and anything you put in it synchronizes automatically.

Thanks for you effort James.

I'm thinking if others want to submit a photo of a particular species then just name them in the same format and I'll select the most suitable.

Keep in mind, the bird MUST FILL THE FRAME. If this means you have to crop the photo. If cropping means photo is less than 1600x1200, that is fine as long as it is the same 4x3 proportions.

Oh, and yes there are some missing species. You can insert a row in the spreadsheet for them if you like (keep Names alphabetic please)

Again, thanks for you efforts on such short notice



Okay, my photos are in the mesh folder and i'm pretty sure they all have a rough 4x3 proprtion (like about 1.33124327).I just thought I should let you know about the Australian Raven, when I type my name in it didn't auto-generate the name of the file image, so I simply left it as "Australian Raven.jpg", also i just included a pic of a swan cygnet because I felt you might like it :). Cheers.

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Cool thanks James - noticed the photos came through...

Is a neat technology. Just drop files in a folder and they synchronize to a folder one or more other PC's or laptops.

I have Geoff (eaglecam guy) working on some others right now.


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Looks like they have delayed the cut off date for the competition.

I would like to do a new cut of SPOT Proof of Concept on Monday.


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