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Stockton has a lot of little birds in the low shrubs and beautiful shorebirds.

My best wren!

These look like silvereyes but are much prettier than the silvereyes in the books - the heads and wings are bright green

Red-capped plovers (dotterels)

Shorebirds with possibly whimbrels or eastern curlews in background (downcurved beak)

Shorebirds with possibly greenshanks or a species of sandpipers (long, thin slightly upturned beak)

Pied oystercatchers and masked lapwings


Good onya Birdgirl, nice variety in those pics.
The wrens can be hard to get a pic of can't they.

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Birdgirl you are living up to your name,good variety of birds there.

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Great shots birdgirl!! I imagine these were taken on the sandspit under the bridge?
Do you have a larger version of the 4th and 5th shots? I'ld love to have a closer look at what some of those other waders might be.

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Thanks everyone
Gelmir - it is the sand spit under the bridge. I was amazed at how many birds were there because I had not been there in the late afternoon before. I am posting one showing more birds, which I forgot to post yesterday. I have uploaded the original photos to flickr (about 5 mb) but last time I did that and copied them to birds in backyards they looked the same size as the ones I'd reduced.
Here is a link to my flickr page (as a local you might like to look at the pasha bulker and flood photos too):

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