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Thank you

I like to thank all the keen Photographers for the many bird pictures.
I have enjoyed all of them very much.
And I say that because I know how difficult it is to photograph a bird, they pose when they feel like it and if they are not shy
Across the park from my house there is a Grey butcher bird and every day lately I enjoy his singing(I assume it is a male ) I tried many times to locate his position with my binoculars but no hope, but that until yesterday . I was coming back from my morning bike ride and decided to come through the park.
And there he was perched on a rather small tree singing so care free, to the point I could approach him 3 to 4 metres. And there I had a very good look at him for about 15 seconds, when he spotted me and flow away.
Only I wish I had a camera to take a picture because moments like this do not come often
Thanks every one for the hard work
One day I will start taking some pictures myself
It is something I have never done before, but I am willing to try

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