Water birds

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Water birds

Hi everyone

I went to my local pond today to try out my new teleconverter. I only got a few good photos - most were blurry, so I'll have to work out why. It may be the camera's focussing - I often can't get sharp photos of little birds because the camera keeps focussing on the branches or leaves, even though I have the centre on the bird when I focus.

Pacific black duck

Purple swamphen

Male wood duck

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Hi Birdgirl, Yes my camera does that too. I think I need an SLR with manual focus. However there is nothing wrong with these pictures they are very good.


I could not agree with you more Ray,top pics Birdgirl.

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Nice photo's birdgirl.

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Don't you just love those wood ducks! they look like a designer bird i reckon, all the trendy colours.
By the way birdgirl, autofocus will always pick out the branches etc in front of your subject and it's hard to fool it without a manual over ride. Your shots are beautiful though, so keep them coming.

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