Whistling Kite with chick

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Whistling Kite with chick

This Whistling Kite was at Mamakula Wetlands, about 40 kms west of Jabiru heading back towards Darwin. There is a great walk and bird hide if you ever get there, but go in the afternoon for the bird hide, the sun was very glary in the morning.
Whistling Kites were everywhere, and this one was about half way around the walk. Hope you enjoy.

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Good nesting shot Richard. There are so many good wetland places up so maybe I will have to go on a holiday there someday!

Cheers, Owen.

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Well captured, Richard. I agree that Mamukala is a magic place. Would love to get back there again.


Melbourne, VIC

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thats a place for my BUCKET LIST.....top photos

if your happy when your birding, flap your wings.

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Thanks for the comments (and the name corrections - oops), and Kakadu should be on all bird-watcher's bucket list, it really is a sensational place.

I've succumbed to the birding bug!
Alice Springs, NT


Well caught Richard, looks like a great place to add to our ever expanding list.

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Awesome Rj
Always good to find the nest, now you can plan the timing for light and the best camouflaged approach. Great pic.

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I would love to see a chick in the nest. I saw a nest some months ago, but haven't had the chance to go back. It's probably too late now.

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