Whitebrowed scrubwren.

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Whitebrowed scrubwren.

While taking a little rest in the bush, i heard something. It was a White browed scrub wren, the pic looks as if its saying what are you looking at.. haha. Can any one tell me if its a male or female???

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Sorry forgot the pic.........silly me.....

if your happy when your birding, flap your wings.

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HEHE I'd hazard a guess at Male, the book says the female eye markings are less distinctive and not as long.

But I'm Happy to be corrected


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Great shot of such an active bird that isn't out in the open very often.

Cheers, Owen.


Nice shot, and yep you're getting the eye.

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thanks everyone>>.

if your happy when your birding, flap your wings.


Nice one mate....not a bird you see in the clearings to often.

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Unless you live where I do that is Tassie..... I even get them in my garden at times, but they are plentiful on bush walks ...a little bird with a big attitude!!!!! the always look really cross LOL

Well caught mrt

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Yeah your right birdie these guys have got major attitude!!! i dont get them in my garden, but i am starting to notice them more while im out bush walking, their call is becoming a bit more noticeable to me. this one thing i fail on, bird calls........ i think its from listening to loud music & wearing head phones as a teenager alot in the 80s, its catching up with me & i find it hard to distinguish different bird calls at times. LOL.......

if your happy when your birding, flap your wings.

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I love those little scrubwrens, they have this mean look on their face all the time!
As for your ears, ahh the loud music. If you have children looking to go to University, Eye and Ear is the way to go! I went to the E$E Hospital a week ago, the Doctors said,soon there wouldn't be enough Doctors to treat all the people with damaged ears from wearing those things in their ears, listening to extremely loud sounds.


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