another Tawny

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another Tawny

a well camouflaged tawny frogmouth caught my eye this afternoon, it's mate is on a nest nearby.

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Wampy,nice to see your pics, especially love the last photo- these birds are amazing.

Oxalis is not my friend

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Love the first one especially Wampy...... beautiful shots. They are indeed incredible aren't they.... I have found myself staring at one and looking for him at the same time on many occasions!!
What did you do to get him to look at you? shake his tree? LOL They never move for me , just close their eyes as if it makes me invisible :)

Sunshine Coast Queensland


Great shots Wampy, where were you when you got them?

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These were taken at the first dam at Cranbourne Botanic, a favourite haunt of mine. I didn't have to do anything to get him to look at me as he was very wary.

Always hard to spot, but worth it when you discover one.

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^That's terrible. Proves that frogmouths themselves serve as a much more effective solution for vermin control than poison.
At least it wasn't intentional:

Anyway, woah, great shots. Especially the last one. Just look at the way he gazes into your soul. Those grey tufts of feathers over his huge eyes makes him look like such wise birds.



We were at Cranbourne gardens today didn't see much but bumped into a fellow birder by the name of David who we got chatting to and he said that he had met you, he pointed us toward the Tawny but we couldn't find him! Eyes aren't what they used to be!

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Hi Cath and Shane,

David is a very keen observer and can spot a tawny when I can't, patience brings its own reward so if you look long enough you may see one. They are very hard to find as they camouflage themselves so well by mimicking a dead branch.


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Beautiful shots, esp. 1 and 4

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