eastern osprey

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eastern osprey

this is the bird that almost got me in trouble with the naval guards this morning hehehe....

i told them that i'm just shooting the bird and it's the first time i saw this one....i'm in a hurry really, left my settings in b/w, it's a good thing that i shoot raw so there's a way to convert it back to srgb.....lighting is a bit harsh but worth it hehehe

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Still a good shot aa, great looking bird.

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Excellent - worth the hassle with the guards - I have never seen any bird of prey close up in real life

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thanks raoul :)

me too birdgirl, my first time to be that close yesterday and it just hangs up there maybe thinking this guy won't be able to reach me hehehe....


This pic just grabs you and demands your attention,striking shot aa,well done.

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Fantastic close up detail aa. I too have never seen birds of prey that close.

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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thanks tassie/birdie


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