A few shots from Tasmania 1

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A few shots from Tasmania 1

These are a few shots taken during my recent trip to Tasmania. Hope you enjoy them.

This is a superb fairy wren, it was taken at the Coal Mine site, near Port Arthur.

and another one at Cradle Mountain

A New Holland Honeyeater hiding in the bushes on the Freycinet Peninsula

A Scarlet Robin, this one was around Launceston

and this one was at the Coal Mine site.

I'll post a few more later.


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Hi David, I love the Scarlet Robin, we used to have a pair in the garden, they didn't turn up this year, I miss them very, very much. No idea what happened to them? Wrens and honeyeaters, I have in great numbers, but I'm still looking for the Scarlet Robins. Happy for you though, to have seen some. Hope you had a nice Christmas,and wish you a good 2011!



Gidday David, nice selection of birds there mate....thx for sharing.
I am jealous, I travel all over Australia on a regular basis but I have never been to Cradle mountain, it is definately on my list.

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Thanks guys, Cradle Mountain was definitely worth the visit, although the bird life was a bit hit and miss. Around Dove Lake there was just about nothing, but near the visitor's centre there was quite a bit.

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Good pics there David


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Hi, I think the first robin is a pink robin(no white on wing) and the second a flame robin.Great pics

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Hi Sparrow, Thanks for the comment, I am very new at this identifying birds so am definitely looking for help with it. I can see that the first one is a pink robin, but I'm not sure how you can tell that the scond one is a flame robin. What should I be looking for to pick this?

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Hi,in your photo the red looks to go all the way up to the beak on scarlet's the red starts lower on the breast,I could be wrong (been known to happen)I would very much like to see any other robin photos you took,I'm heading to Tassie shortly specifically to get photos of robins,I used to see heaps when i was there fishing,but i bet when im there looking for them they'll be harder to find!

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Sorry, those were the only two shots I got of robins.


Nice shots David, gotta get to Tassie one of these days.

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They are lovely photos. I agree about the two being the pink and the scarlet. We get quite a few different ones here. we are on a farm about 1/2 from Cradle. We see the pink, scarlet, red and dusky robins here.

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Lovely collection of little birds. I went there about 16 years ago - must go again.

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Hi David,
Great Photos. I think sparrow is correct with the flame robin. We used to live in Tassie and remember seeing them down that way. You can usually tell the flame by how bright the red is (hard to tell without a comparison though) and the scarlet has a bigger white patch above the beak.

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