kestrel in flight

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kestrel in flight

my first time to go out and shoot again from the busy week....after bringing the kids to school this morning, i went to the beach near the access to garden island (a navy base here) and caught a kestrel again looking for prey but this time i think a got a good light on it hehehe

after this i saw another raptor and got questioned by the guards for shooting near the naval area hehehe, i'll post the photo later

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Wow that is such a beautiful shot aa .
Congratulations!! It's just a pity you have not resized it so that the whole thing shows. I use mozilla so it is easy to see it anyway. Do you know how to do it? I think the size has to be 500 X 500 or something, but just check on one of Ed's posts (I think it was Ed anyway)He explained how to do it in the Dusky Morehen thread.


Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Hi! aa another fabuluous image, the clarity is astonishing ... it must be that clean WA air coming off the southern ocean ... and your skill as a photographer, of course. I right clicked on the image and looked at it in Photobucket it is awesome.
As birdie suggests your image is 700 x 373 pixles,if it's more than 500 wide it gets choped.


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Another great raptor shot aa,super sharp! would be good to see it bigger and i know just where i might find it.Well done mate.

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thanks birdie/vernj/raoul, i know you have ways to view the whole picture hehehe thanks :)

and yes vernj, sky here is clear and a bit hot today nice to shoot night landscapes later hehehe

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Wonderful shot - love the wing detail - keep posting - I'm looking forward to seeing the next one


aa its almost as if you are on a hang glider right beside it,
superb shot aa.

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thanks birdgirl and tassie, this one just flew low hehehe

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re-posting image :)

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I'm jealous jealous jealous!!!

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i'm taking that as a compliment mate hehehe, thanks :)

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