Bird of the Week Challenge: 2nd November - that doesn't belong there!

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Bird of the Week Challenge: 2nd November - that doesn't belong there!

Morning everybody! Once again, lovely photos. I need to get myself out on a pelagic trip soon!


This week the challenge is: That doesnt belong there! - Interpret it as you like. You could share photos of introduced species, or native birds showing up in a location you wouldnt expect them. Or any other interpretation...

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I like this topic, very out of the box thinking and open to lots of interpretations. As soon as I read the challenge, This photo of this Pipit came to mind. I had only ever seen them in big dry grassy fields or paddocks, not on the side of the road, feeding in clover on the Sunshine coast. Whats more interesting is, they were feeding right next to a group of 20 or more Starlings, also not beloning there. And lastley there was also a White Necked Heron (which flew as soon as I pulled over) feeding in amongst the clover right next to the Pipits and Starlings even though there was no water or long grass around.  

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This is photo of two young magpie siblings sitting on my trampoline. They don't belong there obviously,but many (common) birds around here love to sit on all the furniture and play equipment. For them it's a perfect perch( and toilet), for me it's a whole lot of mess to clean up. Anyway, I don't mind them perching as long as it's not those Indian Mynahs. 


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One does not usually look high up in a tree for a Snipe.

Latham's snipe, Gallinago hardwickii-2384 by shorty, on Flickr">[/url]Latham's snipe, Gallinago hardwickii-2384 by shorty, on Flickr

Shorty......Canon gear


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Not expecting to see a Crimson Rosella tucking into Italian food.

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The Eurasian Tree Sparrow does not belong here

Tegan - Melbourne Vic.

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the European Greenfinch does not belong in Canberra

some would say that there are many others that do not belong in Canberra


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My first post in one of these challenges!

I located this Scaly-breasted Lorikeet at my local park in Canberra in January. He was always with this rainbow lorikeet and sighted regulary for about 4 months, attracting many birdwatchers.

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Last week in Kalgoorlie, this Indian Ringneck was seen roosting alongside Australian Ringneck parrots... it did not belong there. Sue 

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I am probably the one that doesn't belong out here because the birds really are in their element.

Samford Valley Qld.

Rick N
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Nice shot, looks like a calm day :-)

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a variation on the pigeon pair theme


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A willy wag tail does not belong on the head of a wedge tailed eagle. Taken last year on Huon Hill Wodonga. Only had a small zoom lens so a fair bit of cropping on this pic.

Wedgtail Eagle. by robert, on Flickr


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Hi all. 

A slightly different approach to the "that doesn't belong there" theme. 

I often wonder if, when birds are feeding cuckoos somewhere in the back of their mind they think "hey, maybe that doesn't belong there...." 

Here is a White-Browed Scrubwren feeding a Fan-Tailed Cuckoo. (note the tracking band on the scrubrewn as part of the Mt Annan monitoring of birds moving through the botanic gardens. The cuckoo in this picture was subsequently banded a few weeks later). 

Dave, Sydney. 

Shirley Hardy
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Finally able to contribute. There's not much out of place in my neck of the woods except for this White-faced Heron on top of my neighbour's chimney. It stayed there for about 1/2 an hour preening itself. The silly bird. Sorry about the poor quality. It was taken inside my place and through flywire screen.

I'm at Tenterfield, NSW. (Formerly known as "Hyperbirds".)

Rick N
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Barbary Dove

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Pacific Black Duck - landed in the parents pool! 

Dave, Sydney. 

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