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Bird photo book

I have 4 very little grandchildren who are all very special.  I am continually looking for worthwhile Birthday and Christmans presents, (I refuse to buy my grand daughter a pink plastic vacum cleaner).

Like many of you who participate on Birds in Backyards I have lots and lots of photos of a variety of birds so I have made a photo book for each child with each bird named.  The photos are of birds they are likely to see where they live or when they are on holidays.  I selected the smallest size book so it can fit comfortably in little hands.

I just thought other besotted grandparents may like this idea.

cheers Ro

Night Parrot
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Great idea rozzkid.

MUCH better than a pink plastic vacuum cleaner.

Night Parrot
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Why don't you go into publication? It could be a best seller if it is kept light, entertaining and at the same time informative.

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Nice one, Ro. I've thought of putting together an album for my grandchildren on birds & other wildlife from where I live on the s.e. slopes of the Mt Lofty Ranges SA.

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