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Found Galah

Hiya Everyone.. This evening after work i found a galah in my garage. The poor thing had been stuck under a table all afternoon. I have since moved the bird into a box and put it in a dark quiet room. Should i simply release him in the morning or is there anything else i should do first? He does not seem to be injured at all and is cheerfully eating wild bird seed. As it is dark and late im not sure what to do.

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Probably a bit late now, but I would give him a drink and as he is eating OK I will let him out and see how he goes. If he can't fly or is looking unwell, collect him up again and call WIRES (or equivalent wildlife rescue) or your local avian vet.


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Hi. Thankyou for getting back to me. You won't believe the outcome of the Galah story. I went to release him this morning but he wouldnt i went to walk away he said "Hello" so you could imagine how fast i gathered him up and took him back inside. After a couple of hours research i found his owners who live a good hour from me. He actually went missing in October last year!!! Through vocal prompts we could verify 100% it was her bird!!! You just never know!

Great ending to a beautiful bird.

Be Good!

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Wow! That is amazing. Well done on the rescue and the return. You must have almost jumped out of your skin when you heard it speak!

- soakes

Olinda, Victoria, Australia

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great work!!!
the owner must have given up hope by then. Well done for taking the time to locate owner.

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mad bird

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WOW I would've had the fright of my life!!! amazing story isn't it, a bit like that dog that had been lost for 7 years hey................

Tweety, Queensland! :)

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I to found a galah yesterday,

It landed at home and literally just started talking to us. We have it safely inside and it is happily eating, drinking and of course talking.

Now where do I start to find an owner, I am quite sure there is a very unhappy family somewhere.

It is a bit ruffed up a small injury on stomach and back, so I guess it did not enjoy its time of freedom.

It has a band on its leg with some numbers on it. Can this be traced? As you can probably tell we are not bird breeders just happy owners of a cockatiel.

Any help would be appreciated. I do get a feeling this bird has been on the run for quite a while and am worried owners may have given up. But want to try and find them anyway.

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You can go to and advertise it in the "lost and found" section. I would suggest not giving too many details, so that people can't just contact you and say "yep that's my bird" without verifying that they are in fact the owners. For example, you might say that you've found a galah, and that anybody who wants to claim it must contact you and describe any identifying features (e.g., the numbers on the band).

The other options, I suppose, are checking with your local vet or RSPCA.

Good luck,

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