Magpie urgent

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Magpie urgent

Hi everyone,

About 20 minutes ago on my way home from school I spotted a adult magpie flapping around on the side of Tooronga Road, Malvern. From what I could see the male magpie had a large but unfeathered DEAD chick stuck to its legs. The poor bird was trying to fly but kept tripping over the dead weight entwined to it. If anyone in the Malvern or Caulfield area is close by could you please go and help this poor bird. I couldn't because I was only on the school bus but some lady's were staring at the magpie, so I hope they helped it.

The magpie was on the corner of Coppin Street.

Thank you so much and I hope someone can save this poor birds life.

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Thanks for seeking help for it - I hope someone was able to help - maybe the RSPCA or a wildlife group.

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