Winter Fledgling:

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Winter Fledgling:

This is Curly, we found him curled up and near death,
after three days of torrential rain, early this July.
Nursed him up, and did the honey water, apple mush thing.

After a week we used apples to attract the parent flocks
into the yard, where Curly tries to get back in the crowd,
but they don't make it easy for him.

He is a fiesty little bugger, hopping about and
rounding up the noisy minors and doves, its a laugh!

He's been staying out of a night with the others, but
needs more nourishment and calls in 5 or 6 times a day.
I've gotten a product called Harmony Wild Bird mix which
is seed ground down like a milk powder.(

I hope he gets his fill and moves on, I don't like him
spending so much time alone on the ground during the day.
He's a great little flyer when he's up to it.

Question: Is it common to have a fledgling like this
in the middle of winter?


Gidday mate, where abouts are you, the reason I ask is because a few of our natives are oppurtunists and will breed when the time is right, rain/temperature etc.
I am seeing young lorries up here at the moment and I have seen several other birds only in the last 2 weeks nest building, Square tailed kites,Sunbirds,Fairy martins,Peaceful doves and Noisy miners to name a few and its the middle of winter.
Answering your question I would say no it never used to be common but appears to be something that is becoming common.
I observed this last year with our local birds and although I did not know it at the time we were headed into one of the biggest wet seasons we have had in many years,maybe its going to be the same again for us this summer amd the birds know it.
Thats what I would be putting my money on.

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North of Syd, behind the coast.
Now that you mention it Tassie, they're becoming more noticable.
The wet's going to bring down canetoads,
something else you can put a bet on.


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