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cuckoo rescue

This evening when I was sitting on my verandah my wifes cats managed to catch a horsfields bronze cuckoo but since I was sitting there I saw them and screamed loud enough to scare them. The cuckoo was stunned but seemed otherwise all right, I carried it away and locked the cats in the house. Eventually it recovered and flew off, the cats didn't really get hold of it so I hope it will be alright. I got a photo but the light was poor and I didn't want to use flash so its not very good.

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Hmmmm...... interesting how it is automatically the wife's cat when it does that!!! :)

I raced outside to deal to our cat this morning when she was staring at a bush in my "catbird corner " and her tail started twitching too. Couldn't see any bird but she was given the bum's rush out of there quick smart!

Most birds don't come down low enough here, but with Spring in the air they all seem a little silly at the moment and likely to do anything as they chase each other round the place!
Unfortunately ( at the risk of starting a cat hating session here which I definitely wouldn't want to do as we have been down that path before!) I have found quite a few dead birds and piles of feathers in the suburban streets where I walk lately. Some of it could be other birds though, as they get quite vicious at this time of year. I met someone the other day on my walk who said they had just passed by several nestlings lying in a heap, that had been tipped out of the nest presumably by a cuckoo or something.



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