unidentified bird needs help

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unidentified bird needs help

Small duck like bird, flipper like feet toes, unlike normal webbed feet. pointy beak, patches of chestnut on cheeks, dark brown on top light colour underneath, yellow eye, white through the wing. Thinking Australaison Grebe. Appears to be young bird, picked up on road as it was being attacked by crows. Any ideas what I should feed it or should I let it go on our farm dam. Appears to be young bird.
not sure how to attach picture.

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Sounds like a Grebe.
Description of feet lobes is correct.
Get help from WIRES (or other animal rescue service). They feed on small fish and aquatic insect larvae.
Likelihood of successful feeding not great.
Alternatively, if it recovers from its injuries, get it back to a local dam or river.
Best of luck

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