Black Bird

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Black Bird

Just popped outside for a few minutes and this guy was in the birdbath..don't birds have feelings...LOL.

Despite it being very cold, windy and unpleasant outside, and especially in that water we still get birds having their daily baths. There was ice on the birdbath water the other day..brrrrr..!

The reflection in his eye is the back of our house..

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Nice photos Ron, pity it’s a blackbird, they’re an attractive bird, but unfortunately a pest where we live, known as the “rats of the sky”.  I actively discourage their nesting by destroying them whilst still under construction. Probably only moving them to someone else’s patch, but allowing for natives to come to my place. Keep those photos coming. Hoping to get a few up myself in a month or so, just trying to upgrade some gear.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Thanks Dale, yes they are a bugger, they make a mess of our garden digging the bark out all over the paths and pavers. I've been chasing this one off as it keeps chasing the New Holland Honeyeaters that are nesting in the hibiscus outside my office window. Luckily, the Honeyeaters don't seem to be upset by it as they are still there...

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Have the same issue. Black birds, evey morning will scratch the leaves oit from under the trees. They also chase the other smaller native birds. Luckily. There are not many here,

Wimmera mally region, Vic.

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It’s important to persist in taking down their nests in breeding season. After taking down a nest it’s also important to go back to the site in a week or two because Blackbirds do rebuild & relay eggs.

Keep in mind there are Australian terrestrial birds such as the Bassian Thrush & White-winged Chough which occupy the same or similar ecological niches as the Blackbird & which are disadvantaged by the Blackbird. This is why it’s so important to eradicate Blackbirds if we are serious about conserving Australia’s birds. 

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