Brown v Black Falcon

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Brown v Black Falcon

Thought this might prove to be an interesting comparison as inintailly the dark Brown Falcon fooled me (the perched photo required ligthening as backlit).

A very dark Brown Falcon from Bowra Wildlife Conservancy near Cunnamulla in QLD. Note the feathering stops short on the legs, there is a facial tear drop mark, the tail is fanned in flight and the underwing pattern is definitive. Note the shape of the wing.

A Black Falcon from Chat Alley near Lake Cargelligo in NSW. Note the feathering continues down the legs, there is no facial tear drop mark, the tail is closed in flight and there is little underwing pattern. The wing is also wider at a different point. Please note that the feet are barely noticeable just behind the trailing edge of the wing.

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Interesting comparison, I think we only get Brown Falcons, and not usually that dark. They are great flight shots.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Thanks, Dale.

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A wonderful comparison, Sue. The trailing edges of the wings of both species are rather different, too. 

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That's great information and comparisson Sue. Things I didn't know, other than about the lack of teardrop on the Black Falcon

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Thanks, guys. Yes the wing is wider at the bend in the Black Falcon making that trailing edge quite different. Tha Brown Falcon at Bowra was very very dark but the unfeathered legs were quite clear cut.

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