Collie River Hawks

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Collie River Hawks

Evening hike along the Collie River at Australiand and I came across a young hawk.

(Im guessing a Goshawk but wont be surprised if im corrected and its a sparrowhawk).

He flew off but i decided to track him chasing a better shot.

To my surprised and delight, I found two juveniles and a very shy parent in the area

.Unfortunately it was fading light but I was lucky enough they did perch up to catch the last rays of the sun at one stage.

Fantastic to watch and was lucky enough to see them chase off both  Kookaburra and Ringparrot off. Though I had no chance in getting a shot in the darked forest canopy

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From the tail in the first and last shots, I'd suggest Collard Sparrowhawk

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera


Great work laza - love the photos. 

I agree with HelloBirdy on them being Sparrowhawks - those eyes are definitely staring (CS) and not glaring (BG), the middle toes in last photo looks long (CS), and overall they look slimmer and finer than the chunkier BG.

My book says the CS are "solitary and secretive hawks" so thats a great sighting to see three together.

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LOL 50/50 I knew it :)

Thanks guys, as I said I couldnt get a shot of parent who came through on a few fly bys.

Though checking the rather large photo stream this morning.

I did get one of the youngsters in flight though

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Great find, Laza. You will find that Sparrowhawks are more approachable than Goshawks. Goshawks tend to swoop you when young are present.

Shorty......Canon gear


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Cheers Shorty, thats very interesting. I could probably count on one hand my encounters with my Gos/Sp hawks.

I did a couple of years ago come across a juvenile Peregine Falcon. The parent didnt take that very well :)


Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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