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Went for a walk today to try and improve my photography. Mixed results, trashed way more than I kept. Chose to use a few local ducks, as they tend to be reasonably still at times.

Pacific Black DuckPacific Black Duck by Dale Watson, on Flickr

by Dale Watson, on Flickr

Northern MallardNorthern Mallard by Dale Watson, on FlickrNorthern Mallard by Dale Watson, on Flickr

Pacicfic Black/Mallard HybridMallard Pacific BLack Hybrid by Dale Watson, on Flickr

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I can remember when I spent an hour so talking photos of a red dumped grass parrot. Took maybe 15 only kept 1.

Wimmera mally region, Vic.

Alex Rogers
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That is the great thing about digital photography, we can take lots of photos and learn even from the discards. I have a look at the exif data on all the photos as I review them and try to think about what I could improve with the settings to get better shots. 

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