Fledgling ID

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Fledgling ID

Two of these tiny birds flew across the path in front of me Saturday 7th Sept and landed in a casuarina. It was in Cowan at the edge of Muogamurra reserve. It is such a young bird that when I came up to take a pic it didn't move. I think it was the don't move and it won't see you strategy. Needless to say I didn't stay around long so as not to stress the little bub and didn't see the parent bird. There were pardalotes around and thornbills as well as larger White eared, white cheeked and New Holland honeyeaters.
It was really tiny, smaller than an adult thornbill or pardalote. As you can see the casuarina seed pod behind it, that is about 2.5cm in size. The yellow eye ring and yellow beak made me think it was a noisy myna but it is way too small and the myna chicks I have seen are tiny round balls of fluff.

It's hard to ID immature birds but have a go.

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