Fledgling rainbow lorikeet

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Fledgling rainbow lorikeet


ive got a wee baby lorikeet in the front yard. Can't really fly. It's so cold I rang wildlife rescue they said put in box up high in tree. 

So I popped some chopped pear and got him up there after a few false starts. His parents both found him and stayed with him for about 30-60 mins. They've gone now it's dark. 

Im hoping they will keep coming back to feed him. It's so cold 8 degrees tonight. I've put some old cloth nappies on bottom of the box and kind of partially covered him with a teatowel for warmth. 

He had feathers just not very long. 

Any advice? Do you think he will survive the night?

thank you Katy 

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Just leave him to his parents, if you try and get too close too often they may abondon. Nature will take its course, and hopefully all will be well.

Thanks for caring and trying.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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