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Night Parrot
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The fox went out on a chilly night,

He prayed to the moon to give him light

For he'd many a mile to go that night

Before he reached the town-o.........

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I’m not surprised at all, some years ago a resident in Emerald who owned about 100 acres , engaged the Yarra Glen Hunt club. We were all notified to be careful , because there was going to be shooting. They shot and killed more than 40 foxes that night.

Where I live now , the foxes are not shy, they wander across our paddock during daylight, even walking towards them doesn’t worry them. They devoured 7 chooks in one afternoon, I thought they could walk free during the day?  

Foxes and the 5 cats from next door, are killing machines. (they are getting harder to catch though, because most of the cats have been caught before, and are too smart to go into a trapangry)


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