G'day from the East Kimberley

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G'day from the East Kimberley

G'day all and happy new year.

I live in Kununurra in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia.

I've known about and used this site for a while now but i've only just signed up as I bought my first half decent camera a couple of weeks ago and this looks the best place to share my photos (dodgy as they might be). I live within walking distance of Lake Kununurra, which is listed as an Important Bird Area, and ride the pushie down to the lower Ord River fairly often.

I'll do my best to represent (in photo form) the birds living in my neck of the woods.


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A very warm welcome from me. Looking forward to bird photos from your area.


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Does this mean we should expect some Black Grasswren shots? wink

Brandon (aka ihewman)

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Not to mention some king brown snake shots?

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G'day Araminta, Brandon and Woko.

Maybe one day i'll get up to the Mitchell Plateau area, which I hear is good for Black Grasswren, and have a look for em. I'm a few hundred km's west of their range limit here. King Brown is a better chance although their numbers have probably dropped a bit since the toad got here. My next goal is to try and find some Gouldian Finches, fingers crossed.

Annie W
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A big welcome KingBrown!  Really looking forward to seeing your feathered locals from such a beautiful & unique part of W.A., and hearing any stories that go along with them. smiley 

West Coast Tasmania

Night Parrot
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I will be interested in your observations of birds and life in Kununurra KingBrown. I went to Kununurra many years ago and remember looking over the town from a lookout point. I have recollections of it being a well designed town. What is the population now and is it growing?

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Howdy AnnieJ and Night Parrot, thanks for the welcome.

Did the view look anything like this Night Parrot?

That was taken from the Kelly's Knob lookout.

Our population is at about 7,000 and is gradually rising as the Ord irrigation area expands. It gets to about 10,000 in the dry (tourist) season.

Night Parrot
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Yes it must have been Kelly's Knob that I viewed the town from. The vista is a lot more treed than I remember. Population 7-10,000. Just a nice size.

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