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Birds and Statistics

Hey guys
I’ve been working o n a project and require the exact number and figures of how many bird species recorded in Australia EXCUDING extinct, vagrants and introduced (considered vagrant if there are less than 20 recorded sightings) I’ve been working on the data from The Christidis and Boles (2008) checklist (as well as the updates uploaded on the BA site) as well as the 2010 P&K field guide and noticed that there are a few contradictions between them. I’m currently standing on the number 691 but there are a few birds in the grey area (I haven’t counted).
I need more info on the following species:
-Western Reef Egret
-Saunder’s Tern
-Orange bellied fruit dove
-Paperbark flycatcher (though I think this is a subspecies so it may not count)
-Norfolk Island Parakeet
-Gurney’s Eagle
-White-chested White eye
-Collared Imperial Pigeon
-Orange Fronted Fruit Dove
-Asian Brown Flycatcher
-Northern and Southern Royal Albatross
-Tristan Albatross
-Amsterdam Albatross
-Antipodes Albatross
-Campbell Albatross
-Salvin’s Albatross
-Shy Albatross
-White-capped Albatross
-Green-headed wagtail
Also, are the Green/Yellow/Adelaide Rosellas practically under the same species?
If you know any newly discovered species that has not been recorded in the mentioned sources, let me know.
I know a lot of the info is beyond the reach of most of us here so if you have any suggestions of contacting any particular expert that would be very helpful!


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My bad, I meant: Crimson/yellow/Adelaide rosellas


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Taz, the Crimson, Yellow and Adelaide Rosellas are all under Crimson Rosella while the Green Rosella is a Seperate species endemic to Tasmania.
As for your bird list I don't know how which ones are common on our Islands such as Norfolk or Christmas Island and which ones are just vagrants.

Cheers, Owen.

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Hi Owen, thanks for the clarification!
Yeah it is difficult to even research the stuff itself. Christidis and Boles define a vagrant as having under 10 known records. Pizzey and Knight says under 20. Most of the birds I put up there are not considered Vagrant in P&K's but are in C&B which is confusing.
I just found more info on the Norfolk Island Parakeet and it is endemic to the island so I'll add that to the list.
White-chested White eyes are endemic to the island but there has not been a sighting since 2000 and the government classified them as extinct which is pretty sad. However, field guides haven't given up hope yet :)
For the rest I can only depend on official data but I don't know how I can obtain such information or who to ask or where I can get the most valid, reliable and accurate data.


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