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Apologies for all the fumbles trying to upload these photos, suppose it will be a new skill when mastered.

Took this from the photo rather than the thumbnail on Flickr so may have a larger image this time. This is my favourite photo of the male, the afternoon sun was shining on him. Photos alread posted through represent the male, two photos of the first juvenile, one of her on the table about to try chopped fruit for the first time and a few days later on the line, her parents were Grey Butcherbirds, I missed a photo of the male feeding her a cicada though did make a sketch of it from memory. The other juvenile (sitting in the Japanese persimmon tree)was hosted by a pair of red wattlebirds. A third was hosted by Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikes and was much more timid. These were taken early this year.

They are around again, heard one in Newcastle on Tuesday 29th September and one up here the following day, he's been to make himself known but must be sitting in a cave by the campfire while it is cold as I haven't heard him for a couple of days!

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Thanks for posting Birdsong. I have heard a few males up here in Bundy lately and have seen a few females. I have only seen one "pair" so far this year so they are a bit slow around my way so far.

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