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Channel-billed Cuckoos have been regular visitors to the area for some time, this week was the first time they had actually visited the garden and might I add they were harassed by a pair of peewits.
Next morning I heard an odd noise and on investigation saw one, again in the Canadian walnut, this time it sounded like a young kookaburra learing to laugh - do kookaburras act as host parents for this species or is that a normal sound? The adult cuckoos flew past while this one was in the tree.

A family of six kookaburras visits regularly - in this cuckoo, was I perhaps looking at a recycled Horace the mouse?

The Grey Goshawk visited this afternoon and posed for photos.

Grey Goshawk

Channel-billed Cuckoos


Nice ones, You are lucky to have the Goshawk around.

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Thanks Tassie, the Goshawk has been around all winter, also have a Collared Chicken Hawk and a Brown Falcon as regular visitors which means that a Spotted Turtledove or two may unfortunately become a an occasional meal.

The Channel-billed Cuckoos brought to aproximately forty the species that visit this suburban block. Species range from Blue Wrens up to the Goshawk, some species actually nest in the trees on the block, I have photos of all but three species. It seems to be under a bird corridoor.

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