butcher bird attack

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butcher bird attack

does anyone know if butcher birds attack budgies, we have two budgies and are worried about butcher birds, if anyone has infomation please reply,, thank you..

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Yes they may. They are meat eaters and so will take an opportunity for a feed.

I once put my cockatiel in her cage out in the sun - and later saw a butcherbird hanging on to the side!

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thank you Holly, i have a friend whoes cockateil was killed by a butcher birdso i was interested....:)




Oh well another spammer, don't click the links, I'll get Holly onto it :(

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My mate,the expert,Haw! Haw!!
says the they will pull most small birds throught the cage wire,hence the hook on the end of their beak.
He suggests you place a tea towel or similar over the cage when its outside.
We feed them here,4.00 pm ish[pet mince]they have a lovely warble/song,and my mate who hates their guts,says that He guesses while I are feeding them they are not stealing babies from nests or anyones Grannies budgie from its cage.
After these meat eaters raided my fine selection of nibbles I had set out on the garden table for Moi,while i stepped indoors to grab a bottle of bubbles to enjoy the sunset,I find I give them short shift.
They are parasites,stealers,and that is reflected in their manner when I feed the Kookas and other meat eaters, but stll a nice warble!
I must be a Sook!

Chooks I eat,The others I Feed!

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LOL that is so funny, I think nature designed the hook for something other than caged birds Sooky!!! I love them, even though I know they are meat eaters, they sing me a lovely song in the morning and at night and they line up on our fence to say hello and do tricks for nibbles every now and then when we let them! Rather them than a caged bird any day in my book ....
You mate probably should take up a petition to ban the nasty birds around Australia as many of our best loved songsters will have a go at some one else's baby if it presented itself! Just the cycle of life I reckon :')

Sunshine Coast Queensland


I love them although they used to pull the heads off my finches through the wire, it does not impress you when you come home and see your Painted finches laying on the aviary floor with their heads torn off.

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Butcher birds are great killers and i think there amazing. I saw them attack a starling because it was to close to the baby BB's. My dad has told me stories that a butcher bird had a nest in a tree and when a bick went by he would knock the rider of and peck the bick! Great birds!

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yes just ask obi [cockatiel] put him out the back patio and butcher birds or currawongs fly full on at the cage.

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