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a lesson

The weather has awful for photography so went to check out some new locations about 20k from home got one spot pretty uninspired i walked out onto a lookout platform it was only 10m from the car so i didn't take my camera,looked out over the mangroves turned around to leave and there not 3m away sat a Azura Kingfisher looking right at me as if to say "what"
The light was still bad and of cause he didn't let me get close again but i did get a shot of him feeding his baby.
this is the first one i have seen in the wild and learned a lesson next time i will take the b*#@&*y camera with me!


Ahaha, don't we all have the stories of the day the battery died or the day you forgot the camera. Honestly it seems the one time you don't bring you're camera something new and exciting pops up. This hapened recently at my Grandmother's, where I was sitting up the farm on an open gate when a fox (beautiful animals, but killers as well unfortunately) walked literally within a metre of me, stopped and listened for a few seconds, and then padded on down the farm. It was my first experience with a fox and he was soo pretty! Unfortunately I had not seen anything for ages up there aside from the cows and so didn't take my camera, but I guess just relishing in the moment really was great! I honestly think if I jumped down I could have grabbed it :)

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Ha ha Amateur you obviously haven't read the Today's walk in the best photos thread.... they are a beautiful looking creature but not the "pet of the day" at that end of the Forum LOL

Sparrow don't feel alone, if I wrote down every time I made a stupid error and missed the best opportunity I'd have a book filled by now :)

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Don't feel bad mate, happens to every single person out there. :)

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I will post some of the photos i did get eventually.but now my computer has chucked a wobbly and is not behaving and im using my wife's old laptop and it's so SLOOOOOW!

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If there is a photo opportunity and your batteries are running flat you can take them out and warm them under your armpit for a minute and maybe get enough power for that one shot. Though I know my luck is that the bird will fly away the moment the batteries are warm.


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