Giant Cuttlefish

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Rick N
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Giant Cuttlefish

Each year around the end of May, Giant Cuttlefish aggregate in the shallow waters of Poiny Lowly, SA to breed.

In 2012/13 numbers were way down, and it was feared that the breeding population had collapsed.

Thankfully numbers were up this year and there is some hope that they have at least partially recovered.

The link is to a short video I took four years ago. They are amazing,beautiful creatures.


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I note on the TV news tonight that another threat to the Giant Cuttlefish is due soon with the announcement of another industrial development on Point Lowly. If, as seems pretty certain, the development proceeds it will mark a low point in the existence of the Giant Cuttlefish. Time to scuttle the plan for the sake of the Cuttlefish.

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Great video Rick. I had no idea they came into shallow water to breed.

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